A beautiful blend of sea, sand and sun, Diu is a God's gift to those in quest of a blessed land where the weary weight of this unintelligible world can, for a while, be lightened and the waking soul can hear the music of the nature. This tiny island of breeze, beauty and serenity situated off the southern tip of the Saurashtra (Kathiawad) peninsula of Gujarat, lapped by the Arabian Sea, is a picture of calmness with superb beaches and a fascinating history.
Diu was ruled by many well-known kings and dynasties during the prehistoric, ancient and medieval times. It was a Portuguese colony until 1961. It is now a Union Territory, separated from Goa in 1987.It was an important trading post and naval base from where the rulers controlled the shipping routes in the northern part of the Arabian Sea between the 14-16th centuries.

Chakrathirth Beach
4 km. ride on bicycle or auto rickshaws, away from Diu city, one can visit Chakratirth Beach. 

Diu Fort
Situated on the coast of the island, it is an impressive and imposing structure. Built by the Portuguese Governor Nuno-Da-Cunha between 1535 and 1541 AD, the fort is surrounded by the sea on three sides and commands a magnificent view of the sea. The fourth side has a canal around it.

Diu Museum
The old St. Thomas Church has been converted into a museum which is a respository of antique statues, wooden carvings, stone inscriptions, idols, shadow clocks, etc. 

Fortress of Panikota or Fortim do Mar 
The Fortress of Panikota is a magnificent stone structure built in the middle of the sea, right at the mouth of the creek. It can be reached only by a canoe or a motor launch. Approximately one nautical mile from Diu jetty, it also has a light house and a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea. The fortress commands a magnificent view of the fort, the city of Diu Jetty, the new bridge Ghoghala and Ahmadpur Mandvi. 

About 5 Km. from Diu city, 5 Shiva lingas known as Gangeshwar can be seen in the midst of rocks on the sea shore, and is washed by waves. At the entrance there is a 25 Mtrs long carved figure of Nagaraja on the rock.

Ghoghla Beach
It is the largest and gentlest beach of Diu.

Jallandhar Shrine and Beach

The Jallandhar shrine is located on a hillock close to the beach. This small shrine crowned with a dome, contain a niche wherein a stone carved face of Jallandhar, a mythological demon killed by Lord Krishna, is seen. Near by, there is also a temple of goddess Chandrika. The beach is at a distance of 1 Km from Diu Town. 

Nagoa Beach

It is located near the Nagoa hamlet of the village of Bucharwada. The golden beach, as it is called, is exceptionally beautiful and quiet beach with plenty of branching palm trees popularly known as Hoka-Palm. This beach is safe for swimming and has facilities for water sports. The Sea Shells Museum is nearby.

St. Paul Church
Built in 1691, St. Paul's Church is dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. The main facade of the church, perhaps most elaborates of all Portuguese churches in India. 

St. Francis of Assissi
It was the friary of the Franciscans. It was built in 1593. The Church is still in use and the cloister has been converted into a hospital. St. Thomas Church: The old St. Thomas Church has been converted into a museum which houses antique statues, various stone inscriptions of the earlier rulers, wooden carvings and idols, in evening; multicolored fountains and special lighting of the imposing building fascinate everyone. A huge edifice in gothic architecture was built in 1598. A part of it has been converted into a museum - an archaeological treasure house.

INS Khukri Memorial 
It was inaugurated on 15th December, 1999 in memory of 18 officers and 176 sailors who chose to go down with the warship INS KHUKRI when it was hit by a salve of three torpedoes fired from PNS Hangor, a Pakistani Submarine on 9/12/1971 during the INDO-PAK war.

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